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General FAQ

What is Fusebox?

Fusebox is a standard framework for building web-based applications.

Does Fusebox cost money?

No. Participating in the Fusebox community and using the Fusebox framework has been and continues to be free.

Where can I learn more about Fusebox?

More details on Fusebox, including the most current Fusebox core files, are available at This site also has a Resources section with links to many other sites which offer tutorials, examples, and services for Fusebox developers.

Why should I use Fusebox?

There are many benefits to using Fusebox. Here is a short list:

  • Join thousands of other developers in using a standard architecture
  • Large, involved, and growing developer community
  • Best practices approach developed over a number of years by highly skilled developers who kept encountering the same problems time and again
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased code reusability
  • Easier code maintenance
  • More productive team development
What does the license really mean?

Simply put, the license allows you to use the Fusebox core files in nearly any way you wish, but you cannot redistribute derived files and call them Fusebox nor can you distribute the core files without the licensing information.

What happens if I modify the core files?

Nothing. But under the license, you cannot distribute the modified core and call it Fusebox.

Are there any restrictions on my use of the core files?

The license explains the restrictions, but in a nutshell you are prohibited from modifying the core files and distributing them yourself as Fusebox. You may modify them for your own use. You may modify them and distribute them without making reference to Fusebox.

Do my modifications have to be contributed back to the community?

Technically, no. It's a good idea to offer them, but there's no requirement to contribute changes back to the community as may be required by other licenses.

Does using Fusebox to build an application raise any intellectual property issues?

No, you may freely use the Fusebox framework and distribute programs you write using it. Please read the license information for further information.

Where can I participate in the Fusebox Discussion Forums?

The Fusebox Discussion Forums can be found at:

What programming tools are needed to develop with Fusebox?

Fusebox applications can be created with any text based development tool or even a basic text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Fusebox 4 and above use XML, so having XML friendly tools is often useful.

Why did you chose Mura to build the Fusebox Web Site?

We want to concentrate on the framework and not the coding of the public site.