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FLiP Articles

The Fusebox LIfe cycle Process is a project management methodology for producing repeated software project successes.

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Beginning Articles

Fusebox Lifecycle Process (FLiP)

Originally on the Fusebox Site, now hosted by Sean Corfield

The Fusebox Lifecycle Process (FLiP) is a process for developing web applications. FLiP grew out of some of the best practices employed by Hal Helms and other members of the Fusebox community in the early days of Fusebox. Although, as the name indicates, FLiP came from the Fusebox community, its use is not intrinsically part of a Fusebox application. In fact, the ideas found in FLiP may be successfully employed in non-Fusebox projects as well.

ColdFusion Tools for Team Management

Published: October 29, 2006 - Jeff Peters

At this year's CFUnited, I gave a talk titled "Supercharging Fusebox Project Management." As indicated by the title, that presentation was aimed at managers who use Fusebox. While I am a major proponent of Fusebox, this article deals with some aspects of team management, regardless of what framework is used. We'll take a look at some basic management goals, and how we can use simple tools to ease the task of managing development in a team environment.

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Advanced Articles

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