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Fusebox 2

Fusebox 2 or "Extended Fusebox" was the precursor to all the rest. It consisted of a series of best practices as well as some custom tags. For archival purposes, Fusebox 2 articles that we found are listed here. (Please use a more up to date version.)

If you know of an article on this that you want us to include on this site, (either hosted here, or via a link to something you wrote), please contact us.

Fusebox ASP Version 1.0

Published: December 17, 2000 - John Anderson

Fusebox applications are modeled around an electrical Fusebox in a House. For example, the electrical circuit for your kitchen is separated from your bathrooms and also separated from your living room. In the end, your house has electricity, to the common family they never notices that the electricity is really separated. When little joey decides it would be funny to put a fork in the electrical socket in the kitchen and he blows out the fuse. So the power goes out in the kitchen but it doesn't go out in the living room. This is similar to a software program, when a user does something that the developer wasn't expecting them to do the program throws an error. With Fusebox we separate each application from the other application's in the home thus allowing circuits to be blown without taking out ALL the power in the home application.

Welcome to Fusebox 101

Published: 2001 - Hal Helms

Large Scale Fusebox Applications for ColdFusion

Published: March 10, 1999 - Steve Nelson

The FuseBox Organization believes it has devised new methods of ColdFusion coding that will allow CF to cure acne, heal canker sores, and most importantly prevent hair loss... The FuseBox Organization invites the CF development community to examine and try these standards.

Translated into French by Frederic Najman