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Tools to help you with Fusebox, and Flip. If we've missed one please Contact Us.

Individual Tools

Adalon 3.6
No longer being maintained, Synthis released the Adalon visual design tool which offers support for code generation of Fusebox 3 and 4.
Web Application that helps plan and generate Fusebox Applications. (Generates Fusebox 3 and 4).
Reload Fusebox 5 Extension for FireFox
Adds a menu item to the Tools menu to rebuild the Fusebox memory structure and reparse the XML Files. Now compatible with Firefox 3. Currently Mozilla requires registration to rate or download this extension. If it gets enough high ratings, it can be made public. (Fusebox 5)


Developers Tool Pages

Note that only tools that have to do with Fusebox and FLiP are specified here. The developer might have other useful tools on their sites as well. (Lee Borkman)
Tools focus on the FLiP and Testing Process
  • WireFrame Tool - GUI Version
  • DevNotes Deluxe - Derivation of the original DevNotes. Displays in a separate frame.
  • Floating Notes - Variation on DevNotes - Notes and Prototype are displayed in separate browser windows.
  • Source Browser with Integrated Test Harnesses - A versatile utility for viewing and analyzing ColdFusion source files/directories. (Fusebox 3)
Tools for Fusebox 3 and 4
  • FB3_CircuitBuilder - Creates all of the Fusebox 3 files you need to start.
  • Fusedoc Viewer and Inventory Tool - Parses and displays your XML Based Fusedocs. (Written in Fusebox 3)
  • ErrorList UDF - Error Handling for Fusebox 3 and 4.
FLiP Tools, Fusebox 3 items and Custom Tags.
  • Rebar wireframe - A wireframe editor
  • FEX Error-checking Core for Fusebox 3 - Alternate Fusebox 3 core files with error checking capabilities.
  • Fuseminder2 - Converts Mind Maps to Fusebox 3
  • SESConverter - Creates Search Engine Safe URLs. Works in all versions of Fusebox up to 4. (Not tested on Fusebox 5, but might work)
  • CaseChecker - Validates that your file case matches your fuse calls (Fusebox 3)
  • Fusebox 2 custom tags collection - The custom tags that made up Fusebox 2
A large collection of tools by Jeff Peters
  • DevNotes - Runs in Linux. Additional support for MS SQL Server
  • FB3 Calendar - Fusebox 3
  • FB4Checklister - Creates a project management checklist by running all circuit.xml files into a report. (Fusebox 4)
  • FLiP Roadmap - A tri-fold brochure designed to promote the Fusebox Lifecycle Process
  • Fusedoc 2.0 - Fusedoc 2.0 spec and DTD
  • Fusedoc VTM for CFStudio - CF Studio extensions for Fusedoc.
  • Fusedoc2Struct - Custom tag to convert a Fusedoc into a structure or XML object.
  • FusedocMiner - Perfoms XSL transformations on fusedocs. Default stylesheet produces system documentation.
  • Fuseminder - Generates a Fusebox 2.0 framework based on a mind mapping file.
  • FuseminderPlus - Fuseminder for Fusebox 3
  • FuseminderFB4 - Fuseminder for Fusebox 4
  • Harness - Creates Test Harnesses for files with properly constructed Fusedocs (Fusedocs 1.0)
  • Harness2 - Harness for Fusedoc 2.0
  • HarnessMX - Test Harness Generator for Fusebox 4.
  • MindFuser - Reads a Fusebox 2.0 application and generates an outline file.
  • WebCatcher - Saves a list of URLs to screenshots; great for printing out prototypes
Hal Helms
The "Father of Fusebox", Hal has some goodies on his site. Including the QuerySim Custom Tag
  • DevNotes - Use with a prototype to gather information about what users really want.
  • QuerySim - Custom tag that simulates queries without using a database.
  • Assert - Custom tag to provide assersions in Fusebox 2.0
  • Fusebox 2.0 DTD
Sandra Clark Fusebox Tools
Tools for Fusebox 4 and Homesite
  • Fusedocs for Homesite/ColdFusion Studio - VTM Tag Editors, Toolbar and Help for Fusedocs v2.0
  • Fusedocs for Dreamweaver MX - Dreamweaver Extension for Fusedocs v2.0, contains Toolbar, Tag Editors, and Insert
  • Fusebox 4 for Homesite/ColdFusion Studio - VTM Tag Editors,Toolbarand Help for the Fusebox 4.0 XML Grammar
  • Fusebox 4 for Dreamweaver MX - Dreamweaver Extension for the Fusebox 4.0 XML Grammar, contains Toolbar, Tag Editors and Insert.
Secret Agents
Steve Nelson's Site. Has some great tools for Fusebox
  • Prototype Kit - A web application used to manage the production of creating HTML Prototypes
  • Fusedoc Generator for Homesite - Takes existing code and creates Fusedocs from it. (Fusedoc 2.0)
  • Test Harness Generator for Homesite - Generates Test Harnesses from Fusedocs (Fusedoc 2.0)
  • Homesite/Studio Test Harness Manager - Keeps track of when files have changed after they are tested.
  • Homesite/Studio Fusebox 4 FuseBrowser - Opens fuses in fuseactions by a click (Fusebox 3)
  • Fusebox Log Analyzer v1.02 - Website statistics for Fusebox 3.0 Applications
  • Fusedoc Connection Validator - Compares Fuses to match fusedocs. (Fusedoc 2.0)
  • Fusedoc XML Validator - Validates Fusedoc 2.0
  • Quick Text Editor - Manage static content in a text editor at the bottom of a page. (Fusebox 4)
  • Fusebox 3 to Fusebox 4 Converter - Converts any Fusebox 3 application to Fusebox 4